Easy and Quick Recipes for Toddlers

  I am always skeptical about experimenting new foods when it comes to my baby especially. Not every baby is same. And not every baby gets teeth by 6-7 months. Mine is 1 year and still doesn’t. Most of the times at least for 8 months I just kept on experimenting on a variety of... Continue Reading →


Checklist for beautiful memories after child birth

Some memories which i already uploaded , and some of which i am sobbing over now makes big difference once your child is grown up. Your child would really appreciate your efforts and may have a chance to boast over for what you did for him. After the traumatic delivery phase, it would become quite... Continue Reading →

How to raise an early reader

  It is said “it takes a village to raise a child”. There are immense number of brain cells multiplying while the baby grows from an infant to toddler. So the more and appropriate you feed in that brain at early age, the longer will be its effect. Some donot like this idea of giving... Continue Reading →

Diet tips for housewives to stay healthy!

  Today everybody is in quest of good health. Where does good health come from! It comes from a better lifestyle, adequate nourishment to the body and considering many more factors affecting health rather than only diet and exercise. Weight management is super essential but it can only be sustainable if you are wise eater,... Continue Reading →

What do you eat while travelling!

Travel is and must be a very important part of our life. It is unavoidable. Food is one of pleasures of life. Its good to experiment a variety of cuisines in your holiday. Are you always juggling between choices to eat while travelling? Its a very common worry for most of us. Here's a checklist... Continue Reading →

લગ્ન – લવ કે અરેન્જ

કેવું ઓપોઝીટ શબ્દો થી બનેલું આ વાક્ય જે દરેક સ્ત્રી અને પુરુષ ના જીવન મા એક વાર આવે ને આવે. હા મને પણ આવેલું , જયારે હું કોલેજ માં ભણતી. સંસાર મા ઉદાહરણ જોયા અને સાંભળ્યા બન્ને જાત ના લગ્ન જીવન લગતા। આથી ઘણો વિચાર આવતો કે મારા નસીબ માં શું હશે, મારા માટે યોગ્ય... Continue Reading →

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